MALEFICENT: Angelina Jolie takes a wicked turn

14/10/2018 // by admin

CREEPY: Angelina Jolie is the mistress of all evil in Maleficent. SHE’S on the verge of turning 40, revered by many as one of the most stunningly beautiful women in the world, daughter of Hollywood royalty, hands-on humanitarian and an Academy Award winner.
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Yes, it’s tough being Angelina Jolie. But she’s trying.

Jolie’s new film, Maleficent, is a family-friendly reworking of the classic Disney tale of Sleeping Beauty through the main viewpoint of Maleficent, the mistress of all evil.

As one of Disney’s most sinister villains, Angelina has the perfect look straight from the 1959 classic, although this time it is suggested she may have a bit of compassion for young Princess Aurora, who is under her nasty spell.

Having only watched again the original animated Sleeping Beauty recently, I was amazed how similar she is in features and voice, so it’s seems to be a perfect casting fit. Wings are an addition as well as other tweaks – young star Elle Fanning is captivating as Aurora within the dark labyrinth.

Enlightening, chilling, not too frightening, but dark enough for a Jolie scowl, the trailers have cinema-goers buzzing. It’s great to see actually as a reminder how versatile this great talent is.

Jolie has never been far from the spotlight. She married very young to Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) – a co-star from one of her early films, Hackers. She stood out as further roles followed. Two early highlights were Playing God, as an undercover agent infiltrating a mobster but falling in love with David Duchovny’s disgraced doctor character during the sting. And, Gia, a made-for-television chronicle on a former fashion model affected with AIDS.

Jolie’s first Oscar, for best supporting actress, came for the 1999 drama Girl Interrupted. She was truly endearingly tragic as a psych patient opposite a grand cast including Winona Ryder, Brittany Murphy, Elizabeth Moss and Whoopie Goldberg.

It was a role which projected her into stardom and unfortunately led to Tomb Raider.

1999 was a big year for her, with a brilliant dark turn opposite Denzel Washington in The Bone Collector then a smaller film which flopped at the box office but just happened to star her next husband, Billy Bob Thornton. Pushing Tin was an oddball, mediocre comedy about drinking, quarrelling and swinging air traffic controllers that also featured John Cusack and Australia’s own Cate Blanchett.

Thornton was 10 years her senior and they married, reportedly swapping vials of each other’s blood. The spotlight was well and truly on them both when they amicably divorced with both their careers still flourishing.

Having made more movies than you may indeed think, Jolie continues to raise eyebrows in various projects of all kinds and of variable success.

❏Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow was an experimental box office failure, a high flying film with 90per cent special effects supposed to dazzle. Jolie rocked an eyepatch as a pilot glimmering across the screen more than any million dollar green-screen illusion.

❏Changeling, directed by Clint Eastwood, was a crushingly emotional story of a mother in the 1920s trying to locate her missing son without the help of a corrupt police department. It earned her a second Oscar nomination and reminded people of how incredibly intense her acting can be.

❏Life Or Something Like It was an under-appreciated gem. Sporting a blonde Marilyn Monroe-type bouffant, her news reporter character is told the end of her life is nigh. Triggering some unusual activities of dread incorporating romance, it’s a really good movie worth seeking out.

The awful Tomb Raider and Beowulf atrocities aside, action roles are a forte. She starred in Wanted, Salt (Salt 2 is in the works) and, of course, Mr & Mrs Smith, where she proved her skills in agile movements brandishing high-calibre weaponry.

Controversy surrounded her yet again on the Smith set. An affair with co-star Brad Pitt was reported and denied. Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston, while Jolie reassured she was not going to be part of any adultery situation. Exact details are unknown unless you believe the gossip magazines of the time but the rest is history. Brangelina was born.

The creepy, highly anticipated Maleficent is full of special effects and atmospheric sweeping emotions.

During the shooting of Maleficent, Jolie admitted to scaring little children on set in costume. It was only her daughter Vivienne who wasn’t quivering. Vivienne herself features as a young Princess Aurora.

From second billing to a robot in Cyborg 2, to cursing the spindle as Maleficent, the unique Angelina Jolie is only scratching the surface of her potential.

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