Greens candidate John Brownfights plan to cut rail

15/09/2019 // by admin

JOHN BROWNMAITLAND Greens convenor John Brown has been endorsed as the party’s candidate for next year’s state election.
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Mr Brown will contest the seat against Maitland MP Robyn Parker and Labor candidate for Maitland Jenny Aitchison and opposing the government’s plan to truncate the rail line into Newcastle is his first priority.

Mr Brown, a freelance journalist from Bolwarra Heights, said there was a strong movement of people who did not want the heavy line cut, and he would continue to fight to stop it.

“There is still time to stop it, it will affect people of all walks of life going into the city whether it be young people going to the beach or mothers with prams,” he said.

“The rail line will be the platform of my election campaign. The reality is that light rail will be years away and in the meantime a huge amount of people are going to be negatively affected.”

Mr Brown said the election was an opportunity for voters to pave a new way for the future.

“People have a choice – they can continue along the path of ‘business as usual’ with the two old parties, or choose to take a new direction, down the road to a cleaner and greener future with more jobs and fewer scandals,” he said.

“Clean not only means looking after the environment but also stamping out the greed which appears to have captured many of our state and federal MPs from the old parties.”

Mr Brown was the Greens candidate in the federal election last year where he ran against long-standing MP Bob Baldwin.

He received positive results on polling day and hopes to build on that when voters go to the polls next year.

“I was very happy to see the Greens vote increase in Paterson,” he said.

“It goes to show that voters are beginning to realise that the accusations thrown against the Greens by Labor and Liberal are not true.

“We are ordinary people dedicated to a better future for our children.”

The Greens want a cleaner future, to cease the rush into coal seam gas, and ensure water supplies are protected.

The party also wants more emphasis on renewable energy.

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