Day in the life of a Beatle

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DEDICATED: The Bootleg Beatles have perfected the mannerisms of their namesakes. STEVE White can’t predict how he would react if he met Paul McCartney, the man he has been emulating for more than a decade.
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‘‘I would probably pass out,’’ he tells Weekender, laughing.

‘‘I would just like to thank him for his musical contribution, really – I’d love to shake his hand and say thank you very much for what you created both in and out of The Beatles.’’

But White is no run of the mill Fab Four fan.

As a member of one of the world’s premiere tribute bands The Bootleg Beatles, White and his three colleagues have spent thousands of hours perfecting their namesake’s mannerisms.

He has even switched from his right hand to his left to play bass– nuances, dialects, singing styles, playing original instruments and donning wigs and costumes created by Dougie and Gordon Millings, who tailored The Beatles’ clothing from 1963 to 1970.

It’s all in the name of recreating the greatest pop group in history. The band has clocked up more than 5000 shows from the Soviet Union to the United States and the Middle East over their 34-year career, including recreating The Beatles’ legendary rooftop performance at Savile Row.

The Bootleg Beatles were born in 1980 following West End musical Beatlemania and now includes founding member but soon-to-retire Andre Barreau as George Harrison, Adam Hastings as John Lennon and Hugo Degenhardt as Ringo Starr.

Their live show spans The Beatles’ entire career in chronological order and incorporates five costume and set transformations as the band moves from songs including Love Me Do to later material such as Get Back.

The Bootleg Beatles even perform some songs The Beatles never played live on stage including A Day In The Life, Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane and All You Need Is Love.

White said it was still difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes the band so timeless.

‘‘The music speaks for itself.’’

The Bootleg Beatles perform at Wests Leagues Club on June 3.

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