Country mismanaged

26/06/2018 // by admin

SO the slippery slide taking us away from what it is to be Australian, just gets steeper.
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The recent budget confirms in my mind anyway, that this government is intent on unravelling.

The National Safety net, which has been, up until now, uniquely Australian.

This mob appears to have “no social conscience at all”. In fact they look to be intent on nurturing the philosophy, which is leading us into an American Caste System; quite clearly the age of serfdom is again dawning.

I often wonder about the logic of selling off and privatising everything.

There are no Chifleys, Whitlam’s, Hughes or even Frasers among this modern day lot.

Rather than leaders, what we appear to have adopted and accepted is a gaggle of mere bookkeepers, accountants who are only intent on balancing books and shuffling figures at any cost, even if that cost, deprives us, the people they were elected to represent of all social standards and quality of life.

Maybe they can tell us why our forebears were sent to war with the belief that they were fighting for a democratic egalitarian and socially just nation, and to protect our Australian way of life?

It seems today that our Federal and State Politicians can’t wait to sell off everything we collectively own and have fought for.

What about freedom, protectionism for Australians (of all national backgrounds) education, people with disabilities, families, meaningful employment or a quality of life measured by anything other than working until the end, death and taxes.

Maybe we should rewrite the National Anthem, for we are neither young or free.

Is it only me, or does anyone else get the feeling that this great country is continuing to be mismanaged with great skill?

Larry Whipper


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