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Adam?Scott is now the best golfer in the world. Sam Greenwood/Getty Images/AFP
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In case you missed it, Australian Adam Scott ascended to the highest golfing peak on Planet Earth on Monday morning: world number 1. The complicated and somewhat convoluted formula used by officials to determine world golf rankings meant he didn’t have to hit a golf ball last week to overtake Tiger Woods. Instead he just sat back and watched the TV hoping Matt Kucher didn’t win the Byron Nelson Classic which would have pushed him past the Aussie to numero uno.

Kucher actually had a legitimate shot at the title and had it not been for a closing 66 by the eventual winner Brendon Todd, the consistent Yank might have ruined our party. While Scotty has been playing down what it would mean to reach top spot, his press conference during this week’s Crown Plaza Invitational in Texas suggested a different story.

“Yeah, it’s quite incredible really to sit here as the No. 1 golfer in the world. I feel like I probably downplayed the rankings for the last few months. Maybe I was trying to take some pressure off myself and just think about playing golf rather than other things that happen from it,” he said.

“I think Monday morning when it was official maybe I had a better sense of the achievement in becoming No. 1. It certainly means a lot to me and my family and the team of guys around me who spend a lot of time with me. I’m certainly appreciative of their support and everyone else’s. It’s an amazing accomplishment for me.

“I’d just like to say that and I’m going to have to work pretty hard to stay on top, but part of coming here this week was to play as the No. 1 golfer in the world and enjoy it for at least a week, hopefully, and from there we’ll see what happens.”

When asked what it will mean to him playing this week as the world number one player, Adam replied, “Yeah, it’s not something you really spend a lot of time thinking about. It’s only been realistic for the last week sitting at home. It’s been an interesting week. Weather wasn’t very good at home the last week, so a lot of practice was extremely windy and we had a storm, so I probably didn’t practice as hard as I normally do, but it was also quite nice to get a bit of a rest. It’s a blessing in disguise.”

“I was getting a little frustrated as a player because my swing and everything felt in good shape and I didn’t get four rounds out of it. I got two rounds out of it. Sometimes when you get out of your own way, it’s a good thing, and I think I did that last week. I got to play a little over the last few days. Things just felt a little easier than sometimes it’s the grind. I think I took it a bit easy on myself last week.”

I think it’s a true reflection of an unpretentious, old fashioned “good bloke” when he gave this reply towards the end when asked if there was a time when Tiger had a stranglehold on No. 1 and that guys thought that number two is really the No. 1 for everybody else.

“It certainly felt that way that it was somewhat unattainable throughout the early 2000s, that’s for sure.”

“A couple of guys got there, Vijay, I think interrupted his reign as No. 1, but it was just remarkable golf for such a long period of time. For a while it was really off the radar for me. Only the last couple years I felt my game was kind of elevating to a point where it was an achievable goal again. But, I mean, it’s quite a journey, it really is from when you’re a kid dreaming of it.”

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