Tourism increase

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COULD Singleton become the main gateway to the Hunter Valley vineyards?
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Broke Fordwich could be one of the big benefactors from an increase in visitors to the region.

That’s the thoughts and hopes of Singleton Council and local tourism operators after the Visitor Information and Enterprise Centre recorded a five per cent increase in visitors compared to this time last year.

The past two months were compared with last year and it showed a correlation between the opening of the Hunter Expressway and an increase in visitors.

With Singleton being the final stop on the highway and the vineyards only a short drive away, instead of just passing through the town, people are making a day out of seeing all there is to offer in the area.

“We’ve experienced an uptake of visitors to our region and we think it has a lot to do with the opening of the new Hunter Expressway,” Broke Fordwich Tourism Association president Eden Anthony said.

“Hopefully this leads to more employment and an increase in midweek traffic to the vineyards.”

Council is working to create more interest in Singleton and it’s surrounds through the revamp of its visitsingleton南京夜网 website.

“We have a unique opportunity to capitalise on the growing domestic market. With award-winning wineries, restaurants, events and accommodation just minutes from our town centre, the future for Singleton’s visitor economy looks bright,” Singleton Council general manager Lindy Hyam said.

Studies by Roy Morgan show that Australians are increasingly planning on holidaying with almost 58 per cent of intended holidays expected to be in Australia in the next 12 months.

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OPINION: Amateur hunting hopelessly ineffective

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By David Shoebridge, Greens Member of the Legislative Council
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In reply to Gary Mallard’s opinion piece regarding”Greens deception over anti-killing stance”

In his defence of the blood-sport of amateur hunting Mr Mallard claims campaigns against amateur hunting fail to address effective control measures for introduced species.

Unfortunately for the pro-hunting lobby, the evidence is clear that amateur hunting is in fact hopelessly ineffective at controlling introduced species.

The government-funded “Game Council” received more than $15million of government funding to lobby for amateur hunting and license more than 20,000 amateur hunters to hunt in the twomillion hectares of state forests the government approved for hunting.

The data produced by the Game Council to show its “success” was an annual tally of animals that its licensed amateur hunters had killed.

The figures from 2009 to 2013 are as follows:

These figures show that, on average, a licensed amateur hunter in NSW killed just one introduced animal a year, and most often that was a rabbit.

None of the hunting carried out by amateur hunters in NSW is coordinated or incorporated into a pest management plan, but is instead determined by the ad hoc preferences of amateur hunters.

Amateur hunters kill hundreds, or in some cases a few thousand, introduced animals from populations that are in the millions.

The evidence is that Australia has about sevenmillion foxes, 18 million cats, threemillion goats, millions of rabbits and between fourand 24 million introduced pigs.

Introduced animals have such large populations primarily because they have extremely high reproduction rates with a large “doomed surplus” each year.

This means most young do not survive to adulthood, but those that dobreed at such high rates they fully replace last season’s population.

Killing small numbers of a given population will therefore have no effect, as other animals, whichwould otherwise have died from the range of natural causes, then fill this niche.

The proportion of a population that needs to be removed to achieve an overall reduction in population from one year to the next is as follows:

When you look at just one species, such as cats, the inevitable failure of amateur hunting is easily demonstrated.

To effectively control the population, 57 per cent would need to be removed to have fewer cats in an area the next year.

The Game Council’s own figures show that the combined effort of amateur hunters in 2013 removed a total of 290 wild cats from millions of hectares of public forest, from a population estimated in the millions.

Amateur hunting took only a tiny fraction of feral cats from the already “doomed surplus”.

Their removal has made not one jot of difference to the wild cat population anywhere in NSW.

The same analysis can be applied to every species of animal killed by Game Council-licensed hunters.

Apart from small areas of land thatare subject to intensive, scientific and professional animal control programs, over the rest of the country introduced animals are controlled by their environment.

Competition for food, for habitat and natural predation keeps their numbers in check, not hunters.

Putting to one side the almost inevitable cruelty of amateur hunting practices such as pig-dogging and bow hunting, the evidence backs up our call for an immediate end to state-sanctioned and taxpayer-subsidised amateur hunting in our public forests.

* Tables fromInvasive Species Fact Sheet, “Recreational Hunting NSW: claims vs facts”

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Signs of ringworm in animals

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RINGWORM: An example of the fungal infection STORY: Ringworm cases on rise in cats, dogs
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RINGWORM is a fungal disease which creates scaly skin with a red outer rim.

The infection spreads through contact, and can be transferred from cats and dogs to humans.

Typical areas of infection in animals are the face, paws, ears and tail, and the infection often results in hair loss.

Scabs and crusts are often formed.

Common treatments include tablets and antibiotic antifungal creams.

Bendigo vet Max Tori said it was important pet owners sought treatment for their pets.

Some cases of ringworm will naturally cease, while others require multiple treatments. Environmental management is also important.

Vets recommend pets are well-groomed and regular brushing will help remove fungal spores.

Vacuuming also helps to remove contagious hair from flooring, and it’s recommended the bedding of infected animals is thrown away.

Pets should also be kept isolated from other animals.

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Port company to manage Laurieton, Kendall and Wauchope pools

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Wauchope Pool will be under new management, after Port Macquarie Hastings Council awarded the pool management tender to Swimwell of Port Macquarie. Photo: Hastings Aquatics, FacebookLOCAL swimmers and swimming pool staff may miss out, following a council decision on the management of local pools.
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Port Macquarie-Hastings Council announced last week that Port Macquarie-based company, Swimwell Pty Ltd, has won the contract for the management and operation of all four public pools in the Port Macquarie-Hastings area.

Swimwell, which is the current contractor at Port Macquarie pool, is owned and operated by the Mullens family. Michael Mullens is a leading swim coach, best known for his tutelage of Olympian James Magnussen. The business is due to take over the public pools in Laurieton, Kendall and Wauchope from July 1.

The decision, which represents a complete reversal of the situation nearly a year ago, has hit Brad Holt hard. Brad’s company Hastings Aquatics has managed Laurieton, Kendall and Wauchope pools for a number of years. This time last year, he was the front-runner in the selection process for the management of local pools.

“I’m bitterly disappointed,” Brad said.

“We have worked really hard for the last 11 years, so to lose all that is extremely disappointing.”

Post by Facebook reaction to news Laurieton, Kendall and Wauchope Pools will no longer be managed by local company Hastings Aquatics..

The task to appoint pool management contractors has not been a simple one. When a five year tender came before the council in June last year, none of the five tenders were accepted, despite a recommendation by council staff to accept Brad Holt’s submission.

This would have left Swimwell without a pool management contract.

Instead, councillors chose to extend the existing arrangements for a further 12 months and resolved to develop comprehensive new tender documents.

At the time, Cr Trevor Sargeant said the decision provided an opportunity for some breathing space and an opportunity for interested parties to put forward new submissions. Despite the extension, only four organisations submitted tenders earlier this year, one less than during the previous selection process.

Brad Holt and the team at Hastings Aquatics said they spent many months working on their tender document to ensure it was a good fit with the needs of the community.

“The whole team has always had a strong community focus,” Brad said.

“We have built strong associations with swim clubs and coaches and invested an enormous amount in the community.”

He raised the bar in terms of aquatic fun and recreation when he installed a 50 metre slide at Wauchope pool in 2006, funded solely by his business.

The company’s track record in providing jobs, training and education to local people is something Brad is particularly proud of.

“We had an amazing team last summer,” Brad said.

Morale amongst Brad’s lifeguards, swimming teachers and coaches, fitness instructors, kiosk staff, reception attendants and grounds maintenance workers has been strong. The antics of some of them were captured online when staff from Laurieton and Kendall pools tried to outdo each other in a friendly Facebook competition. Photos of staff juggling stacks of kickboards were the source of much amusement.

Council’s Director of Infrastructure and Asset Management, Jeffery Sharp, said the council had looked at each of the pools individually to identify the best possible outcome for council and the community. He said it had been a case of reviewing the capacity and aquatic experience behind each submission, as well as proposed improvements to existing pool facilities, proposed community programs and special events and proposed financial management plans.

A new indoor pool is planned for Wauchope, along with a cafe-style kiosk and the purchase of anti-wave lane ropes. Swimwell will also install shade sails over Port Macquarie’s 25 metre and 50 metre pools by the end of the first season.

No improvements to the buildings and facilities have been identified for Laurieton and Kendall pools at this point.

Council’s media release states Swimwell will establish “land-based programs at Kendall, Laurieton and Wauchope pools by the commencement of the 2014/15 season to diversify recreational opportunities.” Exactly what those “land-based programs” entail has not yet been confirmed.

Brad’s staff say it is too early to tell what the longer term implications will be for them. Most work on a casual seasonal basis and would like to continue their careers in this field

Mr Sharp thanked all the current operators for doing a great and said Council was looking forward to continuing its positive relationship with Swimwell.

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Bega couple celebrate diamond anniversary

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Bega couple celebrate diamond anniversary Janny and Mick Earnshaw celebrate 60 years of marriage surrounded by family and friends with a dinner at Club Bega on Saturday.
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Mick and Janny Earnshaw on their wedding day, May 15 1954.

Janny and Mick Earnshaw celebrate 60 years of marriage with a dinner at Club Bega on Saturday.

Ann and Jim Earnshaw at Janny and Mick Earnshaw’s 60th wedding anniversary at Club Bega.

Malcolm and Karen Earnshaw at Club Bega to toast 60 years of marriage for Malcolm’s parents.

Dina and Dirk Kruit attend Janny and Mick Earnshaw’s diamond wedding anniversary dinner.

Tina Newberry, Virginia and Jessica Palumbo from the US visiting family in Bega celebrate Janny and Mick Earnshaw’s 60th wedding anniversary at Club Bega.

Club Bega was filled with friends and family of the Earnshaws, including (from left) Peta and Isabelle McElhane from Sydney with Margaret Gowing of Bega.

Janice and Bill Finn celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at Club Bega.

Helping friends Janice and Bill Finn celebrate their golden anniversary are (from left) Nancy Ruzicka, Sandra Scanes and Verna Wilson at Club Bega.

Maya Macpherson-Finn of Bega (right) with Jason, Courtney, Caoilainn and Deaglan at Janice and Bill Finn’s 50th wedding anniversary dinner.

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Soward loving mountain life, says criticism won’t affect Marshall

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Jamie Soward with the Dragons in a game against Canterbury Bulldogs on May 31, 2013. Picture: Cameron Spencer/Getty ImagesST George Illawarra Dragons fans are the most unforgiving in the NRL.
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Benji Marshall is finding that out even before he’s played a game.

But Jamie Soward is enjoying life without them.

The Penrith five-eighth revealed he was made to feel alone in his final years in the Red V and, until now, hadn’t enjoyed his football since Wayne Bennett left the Dragons back in 2011.

After parting ways with the Dragons midway through last year, Soward had a brief stint with the London Broncos.

Results were poor but a more low-key experience in the English Super League allowed him to release the pressure valve and appreciate how trying life had been at the Dragons.

After he recruited Soward, Penrith boss Phil Gould described the 30-year-old as a marquee signing and general manager Phil Moss made him feel as though he was joining a family.

Ready to rock: Jamie Soward in action at the Panthers vs Knights game on May 11, 2014. Picture: Ryan Osland

Soward was back to his classy best in Sunday’s comprehensive win over Newcastle, and said the more supportive Penrith fan base has also played a role in reigniting his career.

“I’m really enjoying my football and I haven’t enjoyed it since … Wayne left,” Soward said.

“I loved the playing group I was with [at the Dragons] but I wasn’t enjoying my footy.

“The best thing is I don’t feel alone any more. I feel the whole [Panthers] club is with me and they’ll help protect me.

“I just love going out to Penrith. The whole community really respects the effort you put in every week and the club is moving forward in a nice direction.”

Soward was a central figure in the Dragons’ landmark premiership win in 2010 and had several impressive seasons for the club, yet fans never seemed to appreciate the playmaker and ultimately rejoiced when he walked out the door last year.

Returning from his failed venture in rugby union, New Zealand great Marshall is now experiencing a similarly harsh reaction, even though the Dragons are languishing near the bottom of the table and have chopped and changed halfbacks on a regular basis all season.

Marshall hasn’t strapped on a boot but he’s already under enormous pressure to perform.

Soward said criticism won’t affect Marshall.


Do you agree with Soward?

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Moree abuzz for derby

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MOREE has been buzzing with rugby league fever this week as the local derby re-ignites for the first time in 21 years at Burt Jovanovich Oval tomorrow.
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During that time the former Group 5 area dissolved and the Moree Boars started playing Group 4.

The Moree Boomerangs were in the rugby league wilderness for twelve of those years before coming back to the game a few years ago.

This year the Boars made the move to Group 19.

The Rangs won the comp last year for the first time since 1994, a year after the Boars beat Armidale in the final.

That year was the last season the two sides met.

Rangs’ coach Chris Binge said the game had been the talk of the town this week.

“There is definitely a buzz around town and the players are looking forward to it,” Binge said.

“As a coach, it has been an easy week because there is plenty of motivation already there.”

After a big weekend of rep footy and some niggling injuries, the Rangs will be at full strength.

Unfortunately, the Boars will not be, according to vice- president and selector Mick Fernance.

Rep players Joe Henderson, Ben Williams and Matt Marshall are all out with injuries, as are Dave Reading, Jay Kennedy and BeauMcMahon.

Moree Boars back Sam Armstrong has been in great form and will have to have a blinder if they are going to beat the Rangs tomorrow. Here he tries to slip one past Scone’s Joe Adams at last weekend’s Greater Northern Championships.Photo: Barry Smith 170514BSC19

“It is obviously a bit of a shame and will test our depth,” Fernance said.

Despite not having played each other for over 20 years, Fernance is keeping the same tactics they used to use in local derbies.

“Keep the ball off them and play it straight up the middle.

“Complete your sets and when you kick it, make sure it is out or dead.

“That is the way we have always done it.”

The Boomerangs were hoping to play a full-strength side.

“That is how you want a local derby,” Binge said.

“You don’t want any excuses after the game.

“We won’t have any.”

Despite all the hype, the coach is treating it like any other game.

“The build-up is great for the town and supporters but it is just round seven,” Binge said.

“It doesn’t matter if you win by one, four or 40, you only get two points in the end and that is all we are after.”

A bumper crowd is expected for all four grades, with a grand final-like atmosphere.

For 21 years, supporters of both teams have been comparing and claiming who is the better side while they were in different groups.

Tomorrow, some of those claims will be put to bed.

“I think last weekend was proof enough of who has the stronger competition,” Binge said.

“I think the Boars realise that and have definitely lifted their standard.”

“But on Saturday afternoon someone is walking away with the bragging rights.”

The ladies’ league tag will kick off at 11am, with first grade to start at 2.45pm.

In the other games, leaders Glen Innes will travel to Inverell, Ashford will host Goondiwindi and Tingha will be in Armidale.

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Liberal MP George Christensen tells budget complainers to live like impoverished Asians for perspective

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George Christensen: called for a reality check. Photo: Andrew Meares MP George Christensen with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Photo: Nat Bromhead
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Unhappy about cuts to health, education or pensions in the Abbott government’s budget? You should get some perspective and visit Asia before you complain, according to a government backbencher.

George Christensen, the LNP member for the Queensland electorate of Dawson, has sparked outrage on twitter after he posted a photo of an impoverished child and called for a reality check from Australians and their first world problems.

“Aussies should do a tour of Asia & live like locals to put these 1st world complaints re budget in perspective,” he wrote.

Aussies should do tour of Asia & live like locals to put these 1st world complaints re budget in perspective #auspolpic.twitter南京夜网/FR4MvkxxI1— George Christensen (@GChristensenMP) May 22, 2014

The tweet prompted an immediate backlash with one user tweeting “Translation: Aussie battlers should take a glimpse at LNP model for Australia’s future”.

Mr Christensen did not taken kindly to the criticism, and replied that Australians concerned about tough budget measures needed to realise how “minuscule” their complaints were on a global scale.

He followed up his original tweet with: “Try getting any serious form of welfare in Thailand or other SE Asian nations.”

In a later tweet, the MP, whose electorate is dominated by the mining, agriculture and fishing industries, accused “the lefty twitter warriors” of going into meltdown.

“Sometimes the truth hurts,” he wrote.

Mr Christensen’s comments come as the budget slashed $7.8 billion from foreign aid spending over five years.

The chief executive of the St Vincent de Paul Society, John Falzon, said Mr Christensen had it wrong.

Dr Falzon said the public response to the budget reflected a deep feeling of injustice over a budget that “hurts and humiliates” people they care about: young people, older people, people with a disability, single mums and struggling families.

He added the budget was “deeply offensive” to Australians who were fighting a daily battle to make ends meet and survive.

“This budget rips the guts out of what remains of a fair and egalitarian Australia,” Dr Falzon said.

“But, as we can see from the strength of the response to it, now is the time not to watch and weep but rather to stand and fight.

“The government would do well to listen to the people it has set out to hurt and humiliate, as well as to the people who stand in solidarity with them.”

Mr Christensen was contacted for comment.

@PoliticsFairfax Before the election we never had it so bad. Now we never had it so good.— White Rock Vineyard (@WhiteRockWine) May 22, 2014

I suppose this is why the Libs are banning MP’s and staffers from airing their views on Twitter: http://t.co/BIhplRblj6#auspol— Lewis Hamilton (@lewisnhamilton) May 22, 2014

Or, @GChristensenMP, why don’t you live 6 mths in Aust on no income (as u want under 30s to) & tell us how you get on http://t.co/jL9YvpxVLy— Adam Bandt (@AdamBandt) May 22, 2014

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Wake Up, Wimmera: May 23

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PIC OF THE DAY. Send your photos of the Wimmera to [email protected]南京夜网.au or tag us on Instagram @wimmeramailtimes and use the hashtag #wakeupwimmera to have your pic included!Photo: SAMANTHA CAMARRIWEATHER
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Though the warm weather continues today, with a top of 21, don’t expect to see the sun! A cloudy and possibly windy day ahead.


A truck accident at Nhill haskilled hundreds of ducks boundfor Nhill’s Luv-a-Duck processingplant.The truck, carrying about 5000birds, was travelling east along theWestern Highway, three kilometreswest of Nhill, at 11.45pmon Wednesday when it overturned.

ACCIDENT: Nhill police sent this photo of a truck accident on the Western Highway, three kilometres west of Nhill, which killed hundreds of ducks bound for Nhill’s Luv-a-Duck processing plant on Wednesday night.


“Can you imagine what it would be like to ride around on a horse with your eyes closed? I couldn’t do it.” – Margaret Howard talks aboutChris Hall, who is blind, as he prepares tocompete in dressage events with a former racehorse.


A Wimmera Uniting Care program credited with saving lives and re-engaging struggling community members is struggling for funding.

PHOTOS:Wimmeraresidents have raised a cup to beating cancer at Biggest Morning Tea events throughout the region.

Beryl Lampard does her part at the Horsham Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

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Manyana seeks to knock Culburra from top of the table spot

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MANYANA will wander into Culburra Cougars territory this weekend hoping to knock the competition leaders off their pedestal.
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WIN IN SIGHT: Manyana Wanderers’ Mitch Butel will have a top of the table position in mind when his team faces the Culburra Cougars this weekend. Photo: GILLIAN LETT

The Shoalhaven Football first grade competition is one of the closest of the past few years with not much separating the top six teams.

Defending premiers Culburra fought hard to win 1-nil against Shoalhaven Heads last round and will be keen to hold on to their number one position in their home game at Culburra Oval on Saturday.

Undefeated Manyana sits in third position, on equal points with defending competition champions Shoalhaven United, but just below them on for and against points.

Culburra are expected to embrace the possible return of striker Corey Ryan, who is likely to join Jack Miller up front.

Between them they have scored a massive 90 first grade goals in the last three years.

This is more than the bottom two sides have scored as a total for the last three years.

Manyana coach Matt Tooley said the return of Ryan could make it a challenge for his team.

“We will be going up there to get the three points obviously, but it will be a tough game anyway,” he said.

WIN IN SIGHT: Manyana Wanderers’ Mitch Butel will have a top of the table position in mind when his team faces the Culburra Cougars this weekend. Photo: GILLIAN LETT

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